Term 1

Introduction to Epraise – Bridge Training’s rewards system is designed to motivate students by recognising the great things they do. Students are awarded praise points online, which they can exchange for items in our online ‘shop’ every half-term.

  • The use of formal and informal language – employability skills session
  • Personal Hygiene/ Styling – Hair and Beauty
  • Telephone Skills – employability skills session
  • Sexual Health Awareness Week (C Card session) – Session exploring contraception, sexual health and registration to the C-Card scheme
  • Healthy Living – healthy eating, positive mental health, emotional wellbeing
  • Job Sources and Job Advertisements – employability skills session
  • Employer/Placement Opportunity Paul Manwaring – We Do Print
  • Money Management – minimum wage, tax and budgeting money
  • Housing and Benefits – advice and guidance on housing options and housing benefit
  • Think Travel-Work Journeys / Transportation – planning routes to travel to work
  • Volunteering Opportunities

Term 2

Road safety event (off site) ’What If?’ – Gloucestershire Police –

The aim is to reach out to 17-24 year olds who are most at risk of becoming a casualty from a road traffic collision. The group are presented with a film, detailing the story of two young men who were recently involved in a ‘crash’ in the Forest of Dean. They take the group on a journey, exploring their emotions and presenting the harsh realities post incident. Alongside the film are on-stage testimonies from professionals who attend road traffic collisions and those who have been affected by them.

  •  Introduction to driving theory
  • Careers Morning – Meet Employers – an opportunity for every student to meet with a variety of employers and external providers to gain impartial careers information, advice and guidance
  • Road Safety Week – ‘Wrecked’ – Gloucestershire Police  –


’Wrecked’ is a one hour workshop designed to reduce the harm caused by drink and drug driving. It is also known as ‘The good, bad and ugly’ due to its distinct sections delivered by the three partner agencies (Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue, Police and Road Safety). Nationally, drink and drug drive fatalities are increasing and local collision data informs us that 15-29 year olds are most at risk of becoming a casualty from a drink and/or drug related collision. A recent evaluation found that the impact of the workshop was considerable – more than 80% said it would change their driving behaviour!

World Skills Day Birmingham – The UK’s largest skills and careers event.  Students have the opportunity to speak to employers in the following industries:

  • Hospitality and Lifestyle
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Engineering and Technology
  • IT and Enterprise
  • Media and Creative
  • Alcohol Awareness Week – alcohol legal limits, units in different types of alcohol.  Alcohol and the Law
  • Interview Preparation
  • Body Language – interview preparation part 2
  • Domestic Abuse – Holly Gazzard Trust – Session looking at domestic abuse and promoting healthy relationships amongst young people


SKILLZONE – Safety Education Centre – a state-of-the-art life size village. It is a fully interactive learning environment to teach people of all ages how to recognise dangerous situations and stay safe.

There are 16 zones, which will cover a range of scenarios including road, rail and water safety, an internet cafe, as well as opportunities to cover home and personal safety

  • Employer Mock Interviews Waitrose
  • Employers Mock Interview Feedback
  • First Aid

Term 3

  • Salaries & Payslips – introduction into how salaries are paid and how wage slips are divided into tax, NI and gross and net pay
  • Career Advice & Planning
  • Time management – importance of time management in the workplace
  • Steiner Leisure – Cruise ship beauty and hair employment advice and guidance session
  • Red Nose Day Charity Event Planning


Young Riders – Glos Police –

Mopeds can give young people independence and may be the only form of affordable transport available to them. But with only basic training they may not be fully aware of the dangers they face in being a new road user.  This course offers free advice, guidance and practical training to help build the knowledge and skills to reduce the risk of being involved in a crash.

  • Careers Opportunities in NHS – clinical and non-clinical routes into careers with NHS
  • SAFETY SESSION ‘What Does Safety Mean to You?’ – exploring what safety means to young people, who or what they need to keep safe from, and whose job it is to ensure their safety.
  • OXFAM Speaker – Equality and Diversity session

Term 4

  • Positive Personal Presentation
  • Bereavement – Samaritans or Winston’s Wish – session exploring support open to young people who have suffered a bereavement in their lives.
  • E-safety – Social Media/Propaganda – session exploring how online material can be harmful and how to young people can be safer online
  • Interview Preparation – Interview Skills
  • Healthy Eating on a budget


Safety Session – Extremism Lesson 1 – Introduction into ‘extremism’. A definition of extremism and various types of extremism are explored and students are able to identify if certain groups are extremist.

Safety Session – Extremism Lesson 2 – Further exploration of extremism, including a discussion about how propaganda helps ‘sell’ ideas, some of the tactics used and the danger of this propaganda

  • FHT – Federation of Holistic Therapists – talk on insurance and its importance
  • Interview Preparation – Practising for your interview


Glos Police – Road Safety – ‘Bypass the danger’ –

This workshop focuses on encouraging young people to ‘speak up’ to careless or dangerous driving. It is designed to empower decision making and provides some useful strategies to reduce risk. The presentation is delivered by operational firefighters

  • Internal Mock interviews
  • Interview Preparation –  Practising for your interview
  • External Interviews
  • Opportunities in Health & Social Care


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