Putting the Learners’ Safety First at Bridge Training

In line with the recent government announcements of a nationwide lockdown beginning on Thursday 5th November, Bridge Training Ltd are keen to update learners on their opening status and protective measures.

Bridge says it is of utmost importance to protect the well-being and safety for all learners; both protection from the ongoing virus, but also ensuring that students’ education, personal support and mental health are maintained with just as much care and diligence.

As such, at the posting of this release, schools and colleges are recommended to remain open by the government, and so Bridge Training will continue to run as it has from September. Students are asked to attend their normal timetabled hours in reduced sized classes, alongside continuing online tuition. This is planned to be the case for the rest of this Winter term (November 2nd – December 18th).

Bridge will continue to adhere to a rigorous safety standard of enhanced cleaning across its buildings, promoting social distancing at all times and face covering wearing in communal areas. The staff will always act with learners’ wellbeing in mind, and always aim to ensure Bridge Training is a safe and supportive environment for all, especially when so many other environments may be restricted or closed at the moment.

If learners have any questions or want further information about the learning centre’s safety protocols, please contact the team at hello@bridgetrainingltd.co.uk

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