Marina Wheale

Head of Safeguarding and Student Support

As the Head of Safeguarding and Student Support, my role involves supporting students in a variety of ways. I undertake Early Help Assessments with students who need additional support services to provide one to one support to assist students with any problems they may be facing in their personal life, whether that may be mentoring support in-house, or a referral on to an outside agency for targeted support (eg housing, counselling, drug or alcohol support, sexual health advice etc). 

In my role, I act as the Designated Safeguarding Lead at Bridge Training and liaise closely with social services and Early Help Teams. I am also the nominated person for supporting Children in Care and Care Leavers.

I manage the student financial assistance through the Bursary fund. Students are assessed on an individual basis to see how their needs may best be met.

I have completed a Masters in Safeguarding and regularly update my CPD to ensure we are keeping all our students safe from harm.