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Since being established in 1989, Bridge Training™ has worked with the belief that with the right teaching, and right environment, anyone can be supported to flourish and reach their potential; that anybody regardless of background or past experience can achieve success.

We have been committed to delivering the highest quality education to those students that may have found that mainstream education, school or college might not have been right for them. 

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Additional support – we are more than just qualifications

Pastoral Care

We believe education is more than just a pathway to a certificate. We hold weekly tutor groups incorporating enrichment activities, direct support and guidance to help signpost students with their individual needs. We facilitate access to travel, food & discretionary bursaries, offer reward incentives and engage with the Care to Learn scheme.


Students have embedded in their study programme a series of workshops and 1-2-1 meetings with devoted and experienced employability coaches and work placement coordinators to help them develop work skills, career awareness and find a placement relevant to their chosen vocation.

Health and Well-being

As part of our ethos, we treat mental health as one of our most important focuses. Creating a psychologically informed environment to help reduce anxiety through the adoption of small groups and sympathetic teachers. All students have access to on-site counsellors, EHCP worker and our dedicated welfare and well-being team.

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