Bridge Training are an Ofsted registered organisation with Qualified IFL registered teachers and have been working in Gloucestershire for over 25 years.

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  • 'Bridge Training is an absolute lifeline for high needs families'; 'We're delighted with Bridge, they are approachable and flexible.  We're confident in their rigour  in getting pupils moving forward'; 'The people working at BTL are amazing - I have so much respect for these guys'


  • 'I progressed a lot more here than I ever did at College.  I'm motivated to come, I enjoy it, I even enjoy the work'; 'Without BTL I don't know where I'd be - I wouldn't want to get on anywhere, would still be lazing on the sofa'; 'My mum came to parents evening at Bridge, the first time since primary school'; They listen to you here.  Can speak to anyone, teacher or mentor and they'll point you in the right direction'; More self-confidence, a massive difference from coming here'